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Location o Lovendegem in East Flanders
Lovendegem, kirk: Sint Martinuskerk

Lovendegem is a municipality locatit in Flanders, ane o the three regions o Belgium, an in the province o East Flanders. The municipality comprises the touns o Lovendegem proper an Vinderhoute.[1] On Januar 1, 2006 Lovendegem haed a total population o 9,358. The total aurie is 19.48 km² which gives a population density o 480 inhabitants per square kilometer.

The name o the toun wis first recordit as Lovendenghiem in 1150,[2] but there are traces o human settlements back tae the Iron Age.

The Ghent-Bruges Canal crosses the municipality, wi the toun o Lovendegem tae the north o the canal, an Vinderhoute tae the sooth.

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Coordinates: 51°05′42″N 3°36′22″E / 51.095°N 3.606°E / 51.095; 3.606