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Location o Hamme in East Flanders

Hamme is a municipality locatit in the Belgian province o East Flanders. The municipality comprises the touns o Hamme proper an Moerzeke, Zogge an St-Anna as pairt touns. On Januar 1, 2006, Hamme haed a total population o 23,232. The total aurie is 40.21 km² which gies a population densitie o 578 indwallers per km². The current mayor o Hamme is Herman Vijt, frae the CD&V (Christian Democratic) pairty.

Hamme haes its vera awn legends an aw. The maist famous ane is the legend o the "Hamse Wuiten". The fowk o Hamme are cried Hamse Wuitens an aw. The "Hamse wuiten" is forby the main mascot in a street parade at the end o Mairch ilka year, whaur indwallers dress up an bigg muckle trucks wi funny giant puppets, makkin maistly fun o politeecians an naitional scandals.

Kenspeckle indwallers

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Coordinates: 51°05′31″N 4°08′10″E / 51.092°N 4.136°E / 51.092; 4.136