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Kortrijk (offeecial name in Dutch, pronoonced [ˈkɔrtrɛɪ̯k]; French: Courtrai, pronounced [kuʁtʁɛ]; Laitin: Cortoriacum) is a Belgian ceety an municipality locatit in the Flemish province Wast Flanders. It is the caipital an biggest ceety o the arrondissement o Kortrijk, which is baith a judicial an an admeenistrative arrondissement. The wider municipality comprises the ceety o Kortrijk proper an the touns o Aalbeke, Bellegem, Bissegem, Heule, Kooigem, Marke, an Rollegem. The ceety is situatit on the Leie, 42 km (26 mile) soothwast o Ghent an 25 km (15 mile) northeast o Lille in Fraunce. Baith Kortrijk an Lille are pairt o the same transnaitional Eurodistrict urban aurie wi aroond 1,900,000 inhabitants.[1] As the biggest ceety o soothren Wast Flanders, Kortrijk haes mony schuils, hospitals an shoppin streets.

Toun twinnin[eedit | eedit soorce]

Kortrijk participates in toun twinnin tae encourage guid internaitional relations.[2]

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Coordinates: 50°49′39″N 3°15′57″E / 50.8275°N 3.2658°E / 50.8275; 3.2658