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Tot population
(1.5 million[1] to 2 million.[2])
Regions wi signeeficant populations
     Rostov Oblast15,469[4]
     Moscow Oblast14,465[4]
     Stavropol Krai13,208[4]
     Volgograd Oblast12,256[4]
     Tyumen Oblast10,623[4]
     Astrakhan Oblast10,019[4]
 European Union
 Georgie10,000 (includin Kist fowk)
Data figures from 2001 to 2013;
see also Chechen diaspora.
Predominantly Islam (Nondenominational Muslims, Shafi'i, Muwahhid Muslim, Sunni Muslim)[15]
Relatit ethnic groups
Nakh fowks (Ingush fowk, Bats fowk, Kist fowk)

Chechens (Chechen: Нохчий Nokhchiy; Auld Chechen: Нахчой Nakhchuoi) are a Caucasian ethnic group o the Nakh fowks oreeginatin in the North Caucasus region o Wastren Asie.

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