Auld Saxon leid

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Old Saxon
Old Low German
RegionNorthwast Germany, Northeast Netherlands, Soothren Denmark (North Schleswig)
Era8th–12th yeirhunners; maistly developit intae Middle Low German at the end o the 12th yeirhunner
Leid codes
ISO 639-3osx
Area in whit Old Saxon wis spoak in yellow
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Auld Saxon, alsae kent as Auld Law German or Auld Nether-Saxon, is the from o Nether-Saxon that wis spoak fae the 8t til 12t yeirhunners. It is first an earliest recordit from o Nether-Saxon an eventually evolvit tae Middle Law German. It is closely relatit tae the Anglo-Frisie leids as it is fae the North Sea Germanic family.[2]

Literature[eedit | eedit soorce]

Heliand excerpt from the German Historical Museum

Ainly a wee tex survive, maistly vows the Saxons wur requirit tae perform at the behest o Charlemagne. The ainly literary tex preserved is Heliand an wee pairts o the Auld Saxon Genesis forby. Ithers are:

  • Beda homily (Homilie Bedas)
  • Credo (Abrenunciatio diaboli et credo) → Old Saxon baptismal vow.
  • Essener Heberegister
  • auld Saxon Baptismal Vow (German: Sächsisches Taufgelöbnis)
  • Penitentiary (altsächsische Beichte, altwestfälische Beichte)
  • Trierer Blutsegen ( de.)
  • Spurihalz (Wiener Pferdsegen) ( de.)
  • Wurmsegen (Wiener Wurmsegen) ( de).
  • Psalms commentary (Gernroder Psalmenkommentar)

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