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Ottawa is the caipital o Canadae, a municipality an the seicont lairgest ceety athin the province o Ontario. Locatit in the Ottawa Valley, the fowert lairgest ceety in Canadae is an aa the poleetical caipital o the kintra. The ceety lies in the eastren portion o Soothren Ontario, the ceety lies on the Ottawa River, a major waterway formin the local bundary atween the provinces o Ontario an Quebec.

Connectit bi several brigs tae its Quebec neighbour, the ceety o Gatineau on the northren shores o the Ottawa River, the twa ceeties an surroondin auries are designatit the Naitional Caipital Region (NCR). Though govrened bi separate municipal govrenments, the federal lands athin the region are admeenistered bi the Naitional Caipital Commission (NCC), a federal croun corporation chairged wi the responsibility o plannin an managin the federal govrenment's interests in the NCR.

Ottawa diplomatic missions an relations[eedit | eedit soorce]

At present, Ottawa is host tae 130 embassies. A further 49 kintras accredit their embassies an missions in the Unitit States tae Canadae.

Sister ceeties o Ottawa[eedit | eedit soorce]

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