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Italian Republic
Repubblica italiana
Banner o Italy
Emblem o Italy
Banner Emblem
Naitional motto:
Locaition o Italy
Location o Italy
Offeecial leid Italian
Caipital Rome
Lairgest ceety caipital

Heid o State -
Prime Meenister -

Parliamentary republic

Giorgio Napolitano

Enrico Letta

Area 301,338km²
Population 56,995,744
Foondin {{{foondin}}}
Siller Euro
Time zone CET, CEST
Naitional anthem Il Canto degli Italiani
(ans kent as Inno di Mameli)
The Sang o the Italians
Naitional flouer
Patron saunt
Internet TLD .it
Cawin code 39
Regioni of Italy with official names.png

Italy ['i:təlɪ] or offeecially the Italian Republic (Italian: Repubblica Italiana or Italia) is a kintra in the sooth o Europe. It comprises a buit-shapit, peninsula an twa lairge islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily an Sardinia, an shares it's northren alpine mairch wi Monaco, Fraunce, Swisserland, Austrick an Slovenie. The independent kintras o San Marino an the Vatican Ceety is enclaves inouth the Italian Region.

Italy uised ti be tribelaunds, suin bein ringed by the Latin tribe an foondin the Roman Empire. Efter the faw o Rome, the Italian peninsula brak apairt intae mony fechtin independent kintras. In modern times, Italy comprises o maist o the Italian peninsula, Sicily, an Sardinie.

The Italian Republic is made o 20 regions, five bein autonomous.