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Featurt airticle Featurt airticle

Jacques Cartier

Jacques Cartier (31 December, 1491 - 1 September, 1557) wis a French traider an splorer that is thocht o as ane o the major discoverers o Canadae, or mair speceificlie, the inner eastren region that wad become the foremaist European-settlt pairt o that kintra.

He wis frae Saunt Malo, Fraunce, born in the year 1491 tae a weel-respeckit faimlie o marinars. He bettered his social status in 1520 bi mairryin Catherine des Granches, member o a leading gailley-ainin faimlie. His guid name in Saint-Malo is recognisit bi its monie appearances in baptismal registers as godfaither or witness.

Nae contemporary picter o Jacques Cartier haes been funnd an the best kent picter (see richt) wis pentit bi a Roushian airtist in 1839 for the ceity o Saunt-Malo.

Gey little is kent o Cartier's chairacter or personality but his professional abeilities can be eithly jaloused conseiderin that Cartier led three vaiges o discovery in nae mowes an hithertil unco watters athoot losin a gailey, that he entered intil an depairtit fae fiftie undiscovered herbours athoot sairious mishanter, an that the anerly seefairmen o his that deid wis victims o an epidemic ashore. Tharefor he micht be conseidered ane o the maist conscientious splorers o the time.

Jacques Cartier wis the first European tae describe and cairt the Gulf o Saunt Lawrence an the shores o the Saunt Lawrence River, which he named "The Kintra o Canadas", efter the Iroquois names for the twa big settlements he saw at Stadacona (Quebec Ceety) an at Hochelaga (Montreal Island).

Featurt Pictur Featurt pictur

Incandescent lichtbulb wi the tungsten filament smokin an burnin wi a flame due tae the presence o oxygen.

Incandescent lichtbulb wi the tungsten filament smokin an burnin wi a flame due tae the presence o oxygen.

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