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Helsinki skyline

Helsinki (Swadish:Helsingfors) is the caipital an lairgest ceety in Finland. It is in the soothren pairt o Finland, in the region o Uusimaa/Nyland, on the shore o the Guwf o Finland, bi the Baltic Sea. The population o the ceety o Helsinki is 610,601 (31 August 2013), an urban population o 1,176,976 (31 December 2012) an a metropolitan population o 1,361,506, makin it the maist populous municipality an urban aurie in Finland. Helsinki is locatit some 400 km (250 mi) east o Stockholm, Swaden, 300 km (190 mi) wast o Saunt Petersburg, Roushie an 80 km (50 mi) north o Tallinn, Estonie. Helsinki haes close connections wi these three ceeties.

The municipality o Helsinki forms the hert o the Helsinki metropolitan aurie an Greater Helsinki aurie. Ower ane million fowk live in the Helsinki metropolitan aurie, which includes the ceety o Helsinki an three ither ceeties. Twa o these ceeties, Espoo an Vantaa, immediately border Helsinki tae the wast an north. Kauniainen, the third ceety, is a enclave athin the ceety o Espoo. The Helsinki metropolitan aurie is the northmaist urban aurie on Yird wi a population o ower 1 million fowk, an the ceety is the northmaist caipital o a EU member state. Aathegither 1.3 million fowk live in the Greater Helsinki aurie, which includes the aforementioned ceeties an 9 suburban satellite touns. Approximately 1 in 4 Finns live in the Greater Helsinki aurie.

Helsinki is Finland's major poleetical, eddicational, feenancial, cultural an research centre. Helsinki is a important regional ceety on the Easter Seas an northren Europe an aw. Approximately 70% o foreign companies operatin in Finland hae settled in the Helsinki region.

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