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Featurt airticle Featurt airticle

Robbie Williams

Robert Peter "Robbie" Williams (born 13 Februar 1974) is a Inglis sangster-sangwriter, an occasional actor. He is a member o the pop group Take That, but haes foond greater commercial success as a solo airtist.

Williams rose tae fame in the baund's first run in the early- tae mid-1990s. Efter mony disagreements wi the management an group members, Williams left the group in 1995 tae launch a hugely successful solo career, which saw his first seiven albums each reach nummer ane in the UK. Williams released seiven nummer-ane singles an foond similar success athort Europe an aw. On 15 Julie 2010, it wis annooncit he haed rejoined Take That. The group's subsequent album became the seicont fastest-sellin album in UK chairt history. He continues tae perform baith as a member o Take That an as a solo airtist.

Williams haes sauld ower 70 million records warldwide, which ranks him amang the best-sellin muisic airtists warldwide. He is the best-sellin Breetish solo artist in the Unitit Kinrick an the best sellin nan-Latino airtist in Laitin Americae. Sax o his albums are amang the top 100 biggest-sellin albums in the United Kingdom, an in 2006 he entered the Guinness Book of World Records for sellin 1.6 million tickets o his Close Encounters Tour in a single day. He haes been honoured wi seiventeen BRIT Awards an aw—mair than ony ither airtist—an aicht ECHO Awards. In 2004, he wis inductit intae the UK Music Hall of Fame efter bein votit as the "Greatest Artist of the 1990s." Williams is marriet tae actress Ayda Field. He haes a net worth o £105.2 million.

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Chicago Buird o Trade Biggin in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Chicago Buird o Trade Biggin in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

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