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In loving memory of Sophie Dodge, RIP January 16, 2007
Guid tae see ye at Wizardry Dragon's uiser page
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Aboot Peter M Dodge

Peter M Dodge (that be me) is a Wikipaedia uiser that uises the "screenname" Wizardry Dragon (thats the uiser-cry an the cry of the page yer keekin at). A hae been contreibuting to the Scots Wikipedia since Nov 28, 2006. When E'hm nae hotchin on onie itheir Wikipaedia, or to Ultima VII: The Feudal Lands as a Lead Designer, or Wing Commander Universe as an artist, ye can finnd me at the Scots Wikipaedia, wirkin' to try an' mak the Wikipedia airticles and keek at designs.

A nae conseeder masel a native speaker o Scots, nae even a good one, but I be helping here anyways :) E'hm a native speaker o English, and speak a wee bit o Gàidhlig, Francais and Deustsch.

A wuid take a moment to gie respect to the Scots Gaelic Wikipedia, HereToHelp, and Essjay, frae whom A stole be takin' portions of the design frae.

Quote of the moment:

(→Crzrussian, et al Sock/Meat Puppettry - 5722 characters recycled into a lovely article on tree frogs or something) ~ Thatcher131

A Wikipaedia Uiser's Staundart

A be cannie wit the integrity of the editin' staundart of Wikipaedia: that be, a freely editable howf where awbody be allood to contreibutie. Mynding that, A believe that yer writin tae be freely editit. We must be cannie wit our editin' and contreibuitions, however, to mak factual, well-sourced, and objective articles. I also mynd that such an open environment leaves itself open to vandalism, and mynding that A fix yon vandalism I finnd on Wikipaedia. A strongly believe in a nae maukit wye in which nae a thing is hidden, and legal threats are nae a wye tae 'hide' factual airticles on an objective and neutral encyclopaedia.

If it's not broke, fix it till it is
-Vistaer (Ultima VII: The Feudal Lands Writer)
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Peter M Dodge is currently studying Computer Science at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada as part of a long-term plan to obtain a university degree in Computer Science. He is currently employed at a Michaels arts and crafts store as a part-time sales associate after leaving Boston Pizza, where he worked as a cook for several months during a new restaurant's 'honeymoon period'. Skilled in C++, PHP, UCC, art, and writing, he currently is considering persuing a career as an artist or writer. He prefers to keep programming as a hobby: "after all, I do it for fun, and it wouldn't be much fun if it were a job."

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A hae a smaa bit o side projits that dinna warrant their own pages except for a side page from my uiserpage, and A have some random miscellania as well:

  • Main Page redesign is here. Shiny!
  • There's always the sandboxen. Erm, that's sandbox.
In the middle ages, the French had Joan of Arc to lead them to victory. I have had a handful of my own personal Jeanne d'Arcs in my life, and my edits are dedicated to them.
My Contributions
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Barn Stars

Below are the barnstars I've received, which appear on my userpage as well as my talk page. This useful device is originally made by grm wnr.

About time you got one! Some users appreciate you (believe it or not!) Thanks! —— Eagle (ask me for help) 03:55, 8 December 2006 (UTC) I wanted to give you your first barnstar but alas Eagle beat me to it, never mind, here's another one for your collection. Kind Regards - Heligoland . Talk . Contribs 20:16, 9 December 2006 (UTC) For your tireless contributions in the technical field of bot building, your wonderful work regarding Mediation and Arbitration, and all the astounding things you accomplish behind the scenes (that don't show up in contributions lists or edit counts), I hereby award you the da Vinci Barnstar. You never cease to amaze me, Wiz! With the numerous projects you have going and the number of people you are helping, both on- and off- wiki, you are truly an inspiration to we lesser mortals, who would be swiftly overwhelmed by such ambitions. Your work touches many, and is appreciated to no small extent; may you fare well in all projects, current and future.Sorry, guy, but there really isn't one for the Neutrality Project yet, and it isn't likely that you, as a person interested in neutrality, would be the kind to give yourself one anyway. That meant that someone else had to, and I nominated myself. Badbilltucker 21:25, 30 December 2006 (UTC)Count 19:04, 4 February 2007 (UTC)
n00b involved been around veteran seen it all older than the Cabal itself
"Our lives are not measured in how we affect ourselves, but in how we affect others"
  • Hannah Knight

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This is a Wikipaedia uiser page.

Gin ye finnd this page on onie ither wabsteid nor Wikipaedia, than ye'r keekin at a copie. Mynd that the page micht be oot o date an that the uiser micht hae nae personal affeiliation tae onie steid ither nor Wikipaedia itsel. The firstlin page can be fund at http://sco.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uiser:Wizardry_Dragon.

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