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Asda Stores Ltd.
Industrie Retail
Foondit 1949; 70 years ago (1949) [1]
Heidquarters Asda House, South Bank, Leeds, Wast Yorkshire, Ingland
Nummer o locations
631 as o 31 Januar 2017[2]
Key fowk
Sean Clarke (CEO)
Alex Russo (CFO)
Hayley Tatum (SVP - Fowk)
Glenn Bowles (SVP - Retail)
Products Grocery, general merchandise, financial services
Revenue see Walmart
£1 billion
Nummer o employees
Parent Walmart (1999–present)
Subsidiaries Asda Mobile, Asda Money

ASDA is a cheen o supermairts in the Unitit Kinrick fendin fuid, cleidin an general products. It is a subseediarie o ane o the warld's muckle maist supermercat cheens Wal-Mart an is nou the secoint lairgest cheen in the UK, efter Tesco.

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