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Barnes & Noble, Inc.
Industrie Retail (Specialty)
Foondit Wheaton, Illinois, Unitit States (1873 as a printin business)
New York Ceety, U.S. (1917 first beukstore opened)
Foonder Charles M. Barnes
William Barnes
G. Clifford Noble
Heidquarters 122 5t Ave
Manhattan, New York Ceety
, U.S.
Nummer o locations
723 stores as o Aprile 30, 2011; 639 college beukstores
Key fowk
Leonard Riggio, Chairman
William J. Lynch, Jr., CEO
Steve Riggio, Vice Chair
Mitchell S. Klipper, CEO, Retail
Products Barnes & Noble Beuksellers
Nook Media
Scribner's Beukstores
Doubleday Beukstores
Sterling Publishin Co.
Revenue Increase US$7.129 Billion (FY 2012)[1]
Increase US$-61.303 Million (FY 2012)[1]
Increase US$-68.687 Million (FY 2012")[1]
Tot assets Increase US$3.765 Billion (FY 2012")[1]
Tot equity Decrease US$747 Million (FY 2012)[1]
Nummer o employees
30,000 (Apr 2012)[1]
Wabsteid (consumer steid) (corporate steid)

Barnes & Noble, Inc. is the lairgest speicialtie mercater in the warld, maistlin endue the opperations o it's Barnes & Noble Beuksellers cheen o beukshaps larachit in the Unitit States. It is kent for muckle, upscale retail ootlats, monie o whilk conteens a cafe serin Starbucks coffee, an for compeetitive discoontin o maistcofft bueks. Maist shaps forbye sell magazines, newspapers, DVDs, graphic novelles, an muisic.

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