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Roseanna Cunningham

Roseanna Cunningham, Minister for Environment (1).jpg
Cabinet Secretar for Environment, Climate Chynge an Laund Reform
Assumed office
18 Mey 2016
First Meenister Nicola Sturgeon
Precedit bi Aileen McLeod (as Meenister for Environment, Climate Chynge an Laund Reform)
Cabinet Secretar for Fair Wirk, Skills an Trainin
In office
21 November 2014 – 18 Mey 2016
First Meenister Nicola Sturgeon
Precedit bi Angela Constance (as Cabinet Secretar for Trainin, Youth an Weemen's Employment)
Succeedit bi Office vacant
Meenister for Commonty Safety an Legal Affairs
In office
25 Mey 2011 – 21 November 2014
First Meenister Alex Salmond
Precedit bi Fergus Ewing
Succeedit bi Paul Wheelhouse
Depute Leader o the Scots Naitional Pairty
In office
26 September 2000 – 3 September 2004
Leader John Swinney
Precedit bi John Swinney
Succeedit bi Nicola Sturgeon
Member o the Scots Pairlament
for Pairthshire Sooth an Kinross-shire
Perth 1999-2011
Assumed office
6 Mey 1999
Precedit bi Constituency creatit
Majority 1,422
Member o Pairlament
for Pairth
Pairth an Kinross (1995–1997)
In office
25 Mey 1995 – 7 Juin 2001
Precedit bi Nicholas Fairbairn
Succeedit bi Annabelle Ewing
Personal details
Born (1951-07-27) 27 Julie 1951 (age 68)
Glesga, Scotland
Naitionality Scots
Poleetical pairty Scots Naitional Pairty
Alma mater Varsity o Wastren Australie
Profession Solicitor, Advocate
Religion Roman Catholic
Wabsteid Offeecial wabsteid

Roseanna Cunningham (born 27 Julie 1951 in Glesga), is a Scots politeecian, an a Commissioner tae the Scots Pairlament, representin the Scottis Naitional Pairtie (SNP). In baith 1999 an 2003, she wis waled for tae represent the Perth consteetuency. She representit Perth at Wastmeinster forbye, atween 1995 an 2001. She wis ance depute convener o her pairty an aa, atween 2000 an 2004.