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Scaur tishie on an airm
SpecialtyDermatology, plastic surgery

An aur (aar, or ar) is the affcome o the biologic process o wound mendin in the skin an ither tissues o the bodie. Thus, scaurin[1] is a naitral pairt o the healin process. Wi the wioot o smaa lesions, ilka wound (e.g. efter mishanter, disease, or surgery) the affcome is aften an amoont o scaurin.[1]

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  1. a b Bi James' [wha?] wey o it, a "scaur" is whan a wound is healin, an an aur comes aifterward; aither wey, scaur (bi the Inglis meanin) is nou common in monie byleids o Scots.