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Seiven Years' War

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Seven Years' War

Clockwise frae tap left: the Battle o Plassey (23 June 1757); the Battle o Carillon (6–8 July 1758); the Battle o Zorndorf (25 August 1758); the Battle o Kunersdorf (12 August 1759).
Date17 Mey 1756 – 15 Februar 1763 (1756-05-17 – 1763-02-15)
(6 years, 8 months, 4 weeks and 1 day)
LocationEurope, the Americas, Africae, Asie
Result Anglo-Prusso-Portuguese Coaleetion veectory* Treaty o Saunt Petersburg (1762)* Treaty o Hamburg (1762)* Treaty o Paris (1763)* Treaty of Hubertusburg (1763)

Status quo ante bellum in Europe. Transfer o colonial possessions atween Great Breetain, Fraunce, Spain, an Portugal.


 Great Breetain

Portugal Portugal (from 1762)
Province o Hanover Hanover

Iroquois Confederacy


Habsburg Monarchy Haly Roman Empire:

 Roushie (till 1762)
Spain Spain

(from 1762)
Swaden Sweden (1757–62)
Mughal Empire (frae 1757)
Abenaki Confederacy
Commanders an leaders

Kinrick o Great BreetainProvince o Hanover George II (personal union) (until 1760)
Kinrick o Great BreetainProvince o Hanover George III (personal union) (frae 1760)
Kinrick o Great Breetain William Pitt
Kinrick o Proushie Frederick II

Joseph I

Kinrick o Fraunce Louis XV
Kinrick o Fraunce Duc de Choiseul
Habsburg Monarchy Maria Theresa
Habsburg Monarchy Wenzel Anton von Kaunitz
Roushie Empire Elizabeth (till 1762)
Roushie Empire Peter III (frae 1762)
Spain Charles III
Swaden Adolph Frederick
Alamgir II (tae 1759)

Shah Alam II (frae 1759)
Casualties an losses
Kinrick o Proushie 180,000 deid
80,000 desertit[1]
33,000 civilians killed[2][3]

Kinrick o Fraunce 350,000[1]

Habsburg Monarchy 373,588[1]

The Seiven Years' War wis a global conflict focht atween 1756 an 1763. It involved ivery European great pouer o the time an spanned five continents, affectin Europe, the Americas, Wast Africae, Indie, and the Philippines.

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