Scots Pairlament election, 2011

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Scots Pairlament election, 2011

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Aw 129 seats in the Scots Pairlament
65 seats needit for a majority
TurnootFPTP - 50.5% Decrease 3.4%
List - 50.5% Increase 3.5%
Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland (cropped).jpg
Leader Alex Salmond Iain Gray Annabel Goldie
Pairty SNP Labour Scots Tories
Constituency vote 902,915 630,461 276,652
% and swing 45.4% Increase12.5% 31.7% Decrease0.5% 13.9% Decrease2.7%
Regional vote 876,421 523,469 245,967
% and swing 44% Increase13% 26.3% Decrease2.9% 12.4% Decrease1.5%

Scottish Green Leadership 2011.jpg
Leader Tavish Scot Patrick Harvie
and Eleanor Scott
Pairty Leeberal Democrats Scots Greens
Constituency vote 157,714 Did not contest
% and swing 7.9% Decrease8.2% Did not contest
Regional vote 103,472 86,939
% and swing 5.2% Decrease6.1% 4.4% Increase0.3%

Constituency wunners o the election are shawn on the left, bi pairty colour. On the richt is adeetional memmers for regions, alsae bi pairty colour

First Meenister afore election

Alex Salmond

Electit First Meenister

Alex Salmond

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The 2011 Scots Pairlament election wis held oan Thursday, 5 Mey 2011 tae wale 129 memmers tae the Scots Pairlament.

The election saw the first majority govrenment syne Halyruid appent, a unco thing seein as the Additional Memmer System uised tae wale MSPs wis ettelt tae hinder ony yin pairty winnin a majority.[1] The Scots National Pairty (SNP) wun a landslide o 69 seats, the maist the party has iver haudit at ony a Halyruid or Westminster election, latten leader Alex Salmond tae bide as First Meenister o Scotland fir a seicont term. The SNP eikit 32 constituencies, twenty-twa fae Scots Labour, nine fae the Scots Leeberal Democrats and yin fae the Scots Conservative an Unionist pairty.[2]

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