Santana do Livramento

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Obelisk o the Praça Internacional, at the "Fronteira da Paz", cities o Santana do Livramento (Brasil) an Rivera (Uruguay).

Santana do Livramento is a city in the state o Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. It is locatit alang the border wi the eeity o Rivera, Uruguay, shapin thegither an internaitional city o amaist 200,000 inhabitants.

Owerview[eedit | eedit soorce]

It is 208 metres abuin sea level, an is 498 km frae its caipital city (Porto Alegre). The population in 2005 wis 97,488 inhabitants in a area o 6,950.37 km². Santana do Livramento wis foondit on 30 Julie 1823 an in 1857 wis emancipatit frae Alegrete as a city. The economy is mainly fermin, cattle, leather guids an Viniculture Commerce. The city crosses the 31st parallel an aw, makin it a ideal area for wine production. The twa main wineries are Almaden an Santa Colina.

Mony tourists come tae Livramento tae visit the duty-free shops in its neebourin city Rivera.

Landwart tourism is a attractive option in Santana do Livramento an aw.

Leid: Brazilian Portuguese an Portunhol (a mixtur o Spainyie an Portuguese).


Ibirapuitã Park, on BR 293, lees aboot ten kilometres frae the city.

The border community is unusual in that inhabitants frae baith Livramento (Brazil) an Rivera (Uruguay) are free tae muive onywhaur throuoot the twin city commonty. It is easy for ane tae get lost in the suburbs an no ken if he is in Brazil or Uruguay. Customs an checkpoints are locatit ootside the cities.

Transport[eedit | eedit soorce]

Thare is a break of gauge station whaur the railweys o Brazil an Uruguay meet.

Santana do Livramento haes a airport but scheduled flichts tae the Brazilian city uisually uise Pres. Gral. Óscar D. Gestido Internaitional Airport in neebourin Rivera, Uruguay.

Freemit airtin[eedit | eedit soorce]

Coordinates: 30°52′39″S 55°31′59″W / 30.87750°S 55.53306°W / -30.87750; -55.53306