Camargo, Rio Grande do Sul

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Camargo is a municipality in the state o Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

The population in 2003 wis 2,524, in a land aurie o 138.1 km².

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The early European migrants here arrivit in the region aroond Marau frae the Antônio Prado region, but their earlier European oreegins wur in Italy. The aurie wis ane o Plainplains interspersed wi law hills an borderin a river, wis at the time inhabitit bi Caboclo fowk. The river wis cried the Camargo, an that is the name that wis adoptit for the European dounset.

Bi the early twintiet hunderyear the Italian immigrants haed importit the customs an habits o their ancestral hames, an the downset wis bein laid oot an organisit alang tradeetional Italian lines.

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Coordinates: 28°35′13″S 52°12′07″W / 28.58694°S 52.20194°W / -28.58694; -52.20194