São Sebastião do Caí

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São Sebastião do Caí is a ceety near tae Porto Alegre in the state o Rio Grande do Sul. It haes a population o aboot 25,000 inhabitants. The principal varsity is the Varsity o Caxias do Sul, aften abbreviatit tae UCS. Throu the middle o the ceety runs the river Caí, the source o which is in the muntains o São Francisco de Paula an it empties intae the Guaíba Loch. The ceety wis foondit in 1 Mey 1875. Like mony touns in the state which wur settled bi German-speakin Europeans in the 19t century, the German leid is still present in daily faimily an commonty life, if no as hintle in the public sphere syne Warld War II.

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Coordinates: 29°35′13″S 51°22′33″W / 29.58694°S 51.37583°W / -29.58694; -51.37583