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São Pedro do Butiá

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São Pedro do Butiá is a municipality in the state o Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, wi an area o 107.559 km² an a population o 3,070 (in 2022).[1]

Like mony touns in the state which wur first settled bi German-speakin Europeans, the German leid is still present in daily faimily an commonty life, if no as hintle in the public sphere syne Warld War II; the regional German dialect is cried Riograndenser Hunsrückisch, as it is a Brazilian variant o the dialekt spoken in the Hunsrück region o soothwast Germany. In 2012 the state chamber o deputies votit unanimously in favor o recognizin this Germanic dialect an offeecial historical cultur guid tae be preservit.

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Coordinates: 28°7′26″S 54°53′13″W / 28.12389°S 54.88694°W / -28.12389; -54.88694


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