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Minaret at the Great Mosque o Samarra
Sāmarrā' is locatit in Iraq
Coordinates: 34°11′54″N 43°52′27″E / 34.19833°N 43.87417°E / 34.19833; 43.87417
Kintra  Iraq
Province Saladin Province
Population (2003 est[1])
 • Tot 348,700
Offeecial name Samarra Airchaeological Ceety
Teep Cultural
Criteria ii, iii, iv
Designatit 2007 (33rd session)
Reference no. 276
State Pairty  Iraq
Region Arab States
Endangered 2007–present

Sāmarrā (Arabic: سامَرّاء‎) is a ceety in Iraq. It staunds on the east bank o the Tigris in the Saladin Province, 125 kilometers (78 mi) north o Baghdad an, in 2003, haed an estimatit population o 348,700.[1]

The offeecial name as referencit bi coins wis the Arabic phrase “Surra man ra’a” (Arabic: سر من رأى‎), which translates tae “who sees it rejoices”. But in vernacular it wis ayes cried Samarra.

In 2007, UNESCO namit Samarra ane of its Warld Heritage Steids.[2]

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