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Arabic: بعقوبة

Map showin Baqubah north o Baghdad
Map showin Baqubah north o Baghdad
Kintra Iraq
 (2003 est)
 • Total467,900

Baqubah (Arabic: بعقوبة‎; BGN: Ba‘qūbah; spelt Baquba an Baqouba, aw meanin "Jacob's hoose" an aw) is the caipital o Iraq's Diyala Province.

The ceety is locatit some 50 km (31 mi) tae the northeast o Baghdad, on the Diyala River. In 2003 it haed an estimatit population o some 467,900 fowk.[1]

Baqubah served as a way station atween Baghdad and Khorasan on the medieval Silk Road. Durin the Abbasid caliphate, it wis kent for its date an fruit orchards. Situatit on the main road an rail routes atween Baghdad an Iran it is a centre o trade for agricultural produce. It is nou kent as the centre o Iraq's commercial orange groves.

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