Al Muthanna Province

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Muthanna Province
المثنى محافظة
Al Muthanna Govrenorate
Coordinates: 30°12′N 45°21′E / 30.200°N 45.350°E / 30.200; 45.350
Kintra  Iraq
Caipital Samawah
 • Tot 51,740 km2 (19,980 sq mi)
 • Tot 538,000

Al Muthanna Province (Arabic: المثنى Al Muthannā‎) (or Muthanna Province) is a province in Iraq. It is in the sooth o the kintra, borderin Saudi Arabie. Its caipital is the ceety o Samawah, which is locatit vera close tae the auncient ceety o Uruk. Prior tae 1976 it wis pairt o the Diwaniya Province, which an aw includit present day Najaf Province an Al-Qadisiyyah Province.

It an aw includes the auncient Sumerie-Babylonie ceety o Uruk (Aramaic: Erech), which is possibly the source o the name Iraq.

Efter the decline o Babylon follaein the Seleucid foondin o Seleucie, Uruk became the lairgest ceety in soothren Babylonie, an its name (Erech in Aramaic) came tae replace Babili (Babylonie), as the ceety lang ootlived the umwhile caipital, survivin intae the 7t century AD.

Provincial Govrenment[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Govrenor: Ibrahim S. Al-Miali [1]
  • Chairman o AL-Muthanna Provincial Cooncil : Abdul Latif H. Al-Hassani