Al-Qadisiyyah Province

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Al-Qadisiyah Govrenorate


Qadisiyyah Province
Location of Al-Qadisiyah Govrenorate
Coordinates: 31°51′N 45°3′E / 31.850°N 45.050°E / 31.850; 45.050
Kintra Iraq
CaipitalAl Diwaniyah
 • Total8153 km2 (3,148 sq mi)
 • Total990,483 (3% o total)

Al-Qadisiyyah Province ([القادسية Al Qādisiyyah] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help)) (or Qadisiyyah Province) is ane o the provinces o Iraq. It is in the center-sooth o the kintra. Its caipital is Al Diwaniyah. Afore 1976, it wis pairt o the ad-Diwāniyyah Province, alang wi al-Muthannā Province an Najaf Province. The province is namit efter the historical ceety of Al-Qadisiyyah; the steid o the Battle o al-Qadisiyyah, whaur in 636 CE the Islamic Rashidun forces defeatit the forces o the Sassanid Empire.

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