Najaf Province

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(Reguidit frae Najaf Govrenorate)
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Najaf Province


Najaf Govrenorate
Location of Najaf Province
Coordinates: 31°7′N 43°48′E / 31.117°N 43.800°E / 31.117; 43.800
Kintra Iraq
 • Total28824 km2 (11,129 sq mi)
 • Total930,000

Najaf Province (Arabic: النجفAn Najaf), is a province in Iraq. The caipital is the ceety o Najaf. The ither major ceety is Kufa. Baith ceeties are holy tae Shi'ah Muslims, who form the majority o the population. Prior tae 1976 it wis pairt o the Diwaniya Province, which an aa includit present day Al Muthanna Province an Al-Qadisiyyah Province.

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