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Anbar Province

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(Reguidit frae Al Anbar Govrenorate)
Anbar Province

محافظة الأنبار

Anbar Govrenorate
Location of Anbar Province
Coordinates: 32°54′N 41°36′E / 32.900°N 41.600°E / 32.900; 41.600
Kintra Iraq
GovrenorQasim Mohammad Abid Hammadi al-Fahadawi
 • Total138,228 km2 (53,370 sq mi)
 (2011 Estimate)
 • Total1,300,000

Al Anbar (Arabic: الأنبار‎; al-’Anbār or Anbar) is the mucklest province in Iraq geographically. Encompassin hintle o the kintra's wastren territory, it shares borders wi Sirie, Jordan, an Saudi Arabie. Al Anbar is owerwhelmingly Sunni Muslim Arabs.

Its caipital is Ramadi, ither important ceeties include Fallujah an Haditha.

The province wis kent as Dulaim till 1962 when it wis chyngit tae Ramadi. In 1976 it wis renamed Al Anbar.


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The name o the province oreeginally comes frae Persie. Anbār (انبار) is a Persie wird meanin "arsenal", oreeginally frae the Middle Persie Ambarag. Through the assimilation o Persie wirds intae the Arabic leid durin the Islamic Conquest o Iran, the wird came tae mean "granaries" in Arabic. The province wis named as such acause it wis the primary entrepôt on the wastren borders o the Lakhmid Kingdom.


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Hintle o the Al Anbar province consists o the Sirie Desert. The region's geography is a combination o steppe an true desert characterised bi a desert climate, low rainfaw an a muckle variation in temperatur atween day an nicht. Summer temperatures rise tae 42 degrees Celsius, whilst in the winter average lows reach 9 degrees Celsius. The northwasterly an soothwasterly winds are sometimes tae a maximum speed o 21 m / sec. Average rainfaw in winter tae 115mm.

The maist important agricultural crops in Al-Anbar are wheat, potatoes, autumn, barley, maize an vegetables an fodder. There are an' a' a muckle number o orchards an the province haes 2.5 million palm trees. Agricultur depends on perfusion or through the rivers an the wells an the rains.

Al Anbar

The Euphrates River flows diagonally frae the north tae the sootheast, passin through sax o the seiven destricts:

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