Mafraq Govrenorate

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Location o Mafraq Govrenorate
The Umayyad palace at Kharana east o Mafraq
Nahias o Mafraq

Mafraq (Arabic محافظة المفرق Al-Mafraq, local dialects Mafrag or Mafra' ) is ane o the govrenorates o Jordan, locatit tae the north-east o Amman, caipital o Jordan. It haes a population o 254,219 (2000) wi a percentage o 4.5% o Jordan's population. Its caipital is Mafraq, which is kent for its military bases.

Geography[eedit | eedit soorce]

The province is locatit in the eastren pairt o the kinrick o Jordan, It is the anerlie govrenorate in Jordan that haes borders wi three kintras: Iraq tae the east, Sirie tae the north, an Saudi Arabie tae the sooth. It is bordered bi Irbid, Jerash, an Zarqa govrenorates frae the wast. Mafraq govrenorate covers the seicont lairgest aurie in the kinrick, but yet the seicont smawest population density (efter Ma'an) the climate is dry maist o the year. The wastren region o the province is pairt o the fertile Houran plateaus, that extend throu soothren Sirie, the Golan Heights an northren Jordan.

Admeenistrative diveesions[eedit | eedit soorce]

Mafraq Governorate is dividit intae fower depairtments accordin tae airticle 10 o the 46t Admeenistrative Diveesions Seestem o the Kinrick o Jordan bi the Meenistry o Interior which wis ratified in the year 2000:

Depairtment Arabic Name Subdiveesions Admeenistrative Center
1 Caipital Depairtment لواء قصبة المفرق includes 72 touns an veelages Mafraq ceety.
2 Ar-Ruwaishid Depairtment لواء الرويشد includes 12 touns an veelages Al- Ruwaished
3 North Badiya Depairtment لواء البادية الشمالية includes 67 touns an veelages Sabha
4 North Wast Badiya Depairtment لواء البادية الشمالية الغربية includes 45 touns an veelages Sama al- Sarhan

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

Agriculture forms a central element o the economy for Mafraq Govrenorate, especially in the Houran Plateaus in the wastren pairt o the province. The tot aurie o fruit farms in the province in 2008 wis 48.676 Km2, wi a tot production o 101874 tons o fruits mainly apples an peaches, accordin tae the meenistry o Agricultur [1]. The tot aurie o vegetable farms in the province for 2008 wis 8.295 Km2 wi a tot production o 15540 tons, wi cabbitch, ingans, garlic, an lettuce bein the main products [2].

Thare is ane naitural gas production field at Al-Reeshah, it is run bi the Jordanian Naitional Petroleum Company. In 2008, Breetish Petroleum purchased the richts tae produce naitural gas in the field, an is expected tae increase its capacity frae 21 cubic feet (0.59 m3) tae 300 million cubic feet per day in the next five years. The naitural gas produced at Al-Reeshah is uised entirely for producin electricity at a nearbi electricity generatin station wi a capacity o 120 Megawatts, coverin 12% o the tot needs o the kinrick for the year 2008 [3].

The ceety o Mafraq hosts Al al-Bayt University, which is the anerlie varsity in the governorate.

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