Aqaba Govrenorate

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Location o Aqaba Govrenorate
The ceety o Aqaba is the caipital o Aqaba Govrenorate

Aqaba (Arabic: العقبة al-ʻAqabah‎) is ane o the govrenorates o Jordan, locatit sooth o Amman, caipital o Jordan. Its caipital is Aqaba. It is the fowert lairgest govrenorate in Jordan bi aurie an is ranked 10t bi population.

Wadi Rum

Aqaba, the port at the Red Sea, plays an important role in the economic life o Jordan an haes mony attractions tae affer the vacationer. The Jordanian-Saudi border originally ran a few kilometers sooth o Aqaba. In 1965 the late Keeng Hussein exchynged 12 km (7 mi) o the valuable coastal strip for 6,000 km (3,700 mi) desert. The port is Jordan's maist important import/export hub. The industrial port lies well away frae the beaches an the hotels, so that tourist activities are no affectit.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Red Sea Summit in Aqaba on 4 Juin 2003
Lawrence o Arabie

The ceety o Aqaba wis inhabitit syne 400 BC, an is kent for Lawrence o Arabie an the Battle o Aqaba.

The greatest archaeological treasure o the region is Petra. Petra lies on the eastren slope o Munt Hor in Wādī ʻAraba, a section o the Great Rift Valley that runs frae the Gulf o Aqaba on the Red Sea tae the Dead Sea.

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

A train comin frae the port o Aqaba

The govrenorate population depends hivily on tourism as a major source o income. The port o Aqaba is the anerlie sea port for Jordan. Amaist aw o Jordan's foreign trade comes through Aqaba. Durin the Iraqi-Iranian War, Iraq uised the port o Aqaba for its foreign trade.

Admeenistrative Depairtments[eedit | eedit soorce]

Aqaba is dividit intae three depairtments accordin tae airticle 15 o the Admeenistrative Diveesions Seestem o the year 2000 bi the Meenistry o Interior:

Depairtment Arabic Name Subdiveesions Admeenistrative Center
1 Caipital Depairtment (Al-Qasabah) لواء قصبة العقبة includes the ceety o Aqaba an three nearbi veelages Aqaba
2 Wadi Araba Depairtment قضاء وادي عربة includes nine villages Al-Reeshah
3 Al-Quwairah لواء القويرة includes 15 veelages Al-Quwairah
Nahias o Aqaba

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Coordinates: 29°31′25″N 35°00′26″E / 29.52361°N 35.00722°E / 29.52361; 35.00722