Karak Govrenorate

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Location o Karak Govrenorate
The Kerak crusader castle in Al Karak is ane o the lairgest castles in the Levant region

Karak (an aa Kerak) (Arabic: الكرك‎) is ane o the govrenorates o Jordan, locatit sooth-wast o Amman, Jordan's caipital. Its caipital is Al Karak. It borders Madaba an the Caipital Govrenorates tae the north, Ma'an Govrenorate frae the east, Tafilah Govrenorate frae the sooth, an the Dead Sea frae the wast.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The land o Karak Govrenorate wis the hame o the Kinrick o Moab, durin the first millenium B.C. Their caipital an stranghauld is believed tae be near the ceety o Al Karak, which wis kent as the Qir o Moab.

For a brief period o time, the land o Karak Governorate came unner Persian rule, an then the Nabateans teuk control o it, till the Romans invadit the Levant region an occupied their caipital Petra. Efter the comin o the Byzentines, they establisht a vassal state ruled bi the Ghassanids. The ceety o Mu'tah wis the sicht o the first clash atween the Muslim Arabs an the Byzantine Empire at the Battle o Mu'tah in 629 AD.

Wi the comin o the Crusaders, the Principality o Kerak wis established, efter which Kerak wis a center front atween the Ayyubids an the Crusaders.

Efter the creation o the admeenistrative govrenorates seestem in the Hashemite Kinrick o Jordan, Kerak became a govrenorate on 16 Juin 1966 wi Waheeb Al-Bitar as its first govrenor.

Geography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Wadi Mujib (Arnon River)

The land o Karak Govrenorate is situatit alang the sooth eastren coast o the Dead Sea an the muntain chain kent as the Muntains o Moab. Wadi Mujib biblically kent as Arnon River flows through the muntains o Karak Govrenorate an ends in the Dead Sea. The ceeties in the govrenorate are locatit at elevations rangin frae ower 1000 meters abuin sea level in the Sooth Mazar Depairtment tae 800 meters abuin sea level in the northren depairtments tae aboot 350 meters belaw sea level at Gour Al Safi Depairtment.

Demographics[eedit | eedit soorce]

In the year 2004, accordin tae the Jordan Naitional Census o that year, the population o the Karak govrenorate wis 204,185 , i.e. 4% o the population o Jordan. The male-tae-female ratio wis 50.6 tae 49.4 , Jordanian citizens made up 95.42% Amang the Jordanian citizens the male-tae-female ratio wis 50.38 tae 49.62. O the non-Jordanians, the male-tae-female ratio wis 55.19 tae 44.81. The urban population constitutit 34.78% o the population, while 65.22% o the population o Karak Govrenorate is considered rural. The estimatit population as o 2009 is 239,000.[1] [2]

Education[eedit | eedit soorce]

Mu'tah University is the anerlie university in the govrenorate, locatit in the ceety o Mu'tah, an is ane o the lairgest universities in Jordan bi number o students [3].

Admeenistrative Depairtments[eedit | eedit soorce]

Karak Govrenorate is dividit intae 10 depairtments accordin tae airticle 7 o the 46t Admeenistrative Diveesions Seestem o the year 2000:

Departments of Kerak Governorate by population (2004 census)

Capital Department
Caipital Depairtment
Sauth Mazar Department
Sooth Mazar Depairtment
South Aghwar Department
Sooth Aghwar Depairtment
Qaser Department
Qasr Depairtment
Gour Al-Mazra'a Depairtment
Gour Al-Mazra'a Depairtment

Depairtment Arabic Name Auries Population [4] Admeenistrative Center

Faqou' Department
Faqou' Depairtment
Aii Department
Aii Depairtment
Moab Department
Moab Depairtment
Qatraneh Department
Qatraneh Depairtment
Moujeb Department
Moujeb Depairtment

1 Caipital Depairtment (Al-Qasabah) لواء قصبة الكرك includes the ceety o Al Karak an 35 ither touns an veellages 64,850 Al Karak
2 Sooth Mazar Depairtment لواء المزار الجنوبي includes 30 touns an veelages 57,191 Mu'tah
3 Sooth Aghwar Depairtment لواء الاغوار الجنوبية includes seiven touns an veelages 32,446 Safi
4 Al-Qasr Depairtment لواء القصر includes nine touns an veelages 20,860 Rabba
5 Gour Al-Mazra'a Depairtment قضاء غور المزرعة includes sax touns an veelages 12,743 Gour Al-Mazra'a
6 Faqou' Depairtment لواء فقوع includes sax touns an veelages 12,178 Faqou'
7 Aii Depairtment لواء عي includes fower touns an veelages 9,711 Aii
8 Moab Depairtment قضاء مؤاب includes five touns an veelages 9,692 Husseiniya
9 Qatraneh Depairtment لواء القطرانة includes fower touns an veelages 6,949 Qatraneh
10 Moujeb Depairtment قضاء الموجب includes five touns an veelages 5,818 Mugheer
Source: وزارة الداخلية - الأردن Jordanian ministry of interior Archived 2011-03-10 at the Wayback Machine
Nahias o Karak

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Coordinates: 31°09′53″N 35°45′43″E / 31.16472°N 35.76194°E / 31.16472; 35.76194