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Saladin Province

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Saladin Province

صلاح الدين

Salah ad Din Govrenorate
Location of Saladin Province
Coordinates: 34°27′N 43°35′E / 34.450°N 43.583°E / 34.450; 43.583
Kintra Iraq
 • Total24363 km2 (9,407 sq mi)
 • Total1,042,200

Saladin Province ([صلاح الدين Salāh ad Dīn] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help)) is a province in Iraq, north o Baghdad. The province haes an aurie o 24,363 square kilometres (9,407 sq mi). The estimatit population for 2003 wis 1,042,200 fowk. The caipital is Tikrit; the govrernorate an aa contains the significantly lairger ceety o Samarra. Afore 1976 the govrenorate wis pairt o the Baghdad Province.

The province is namit efter Saladin (written Salah ad-Din in modren Arabic Laitin transcription), a Muslim leader who defeatit the Crusaders at Hattin. Salah ad Din wis the hame province o Saddam Hussein; he wis born in Al-Awja, a toun near Tikrit.

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