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Kintra Iraq
Govrenorate Salah ad Din Govrenorate

Al-Awja (Arabic: العوجا‎‎; an aa kent as Owja, Al-Auja or Al-Ouja) is a veelage 8 miles (13 km) sooth o Tikrit, in Iraq on the wastren bank o the Tigris. The name is derived frae the Iraqi Arabic wird for corruptit woman, due tae the prevelance o brothels.

It wis the birth place o the umwhile Iraqi Preses Saddam Hussein in 1937 an hame o mony o the leaders of Iraqi provinces durin his Presidency ower Iraq.

When Saddam wis found bi the 4t Infantry Division he wis hidin anerlie a few miles frae his hametoun in the toun o ad-Dawr. Saddam Hussein wis buried in this veelage afore dawn on December 31, 2006, less than 24 oors efter his execution teuk place for his major responsibility in creemes against humanity in Iraq.

Coordinates: 34°31′59″N 43°43′59″E / 34.53306°N 43.73306°E / 34.53306; 43.73306

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