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Rudolf Christoph Eucken
Born 5 Januar 1846(1846-01-05)
Aurich, Kinrick o Hanover, Germany
Died 15 September 1926(1926-09-15) (aged 80)
Jena, Thuringie, Germany
Alma mater Göttingen Varsity
Berlin Varsity
Awairds Nobel Prize in Leeteratur (1908)
Era 19t- an 20t-century filosofie
Region Wastren philosofie
Schuil Continental filosofie
German Idealism
Institutions Varsity o Jena
Main interests
Notable ideas
Aktivismus (ethical activism)[1]
The Real
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Rudolf Christoph Eucken (German: [ˈɔʏkn̩]; 5 Januar 1846 – 15 September 1926) wis a German filosofer. He received the 1908 Nobel Prize for Leeteratur "in recogneetion o his earnest sairch for truth, his penetrating pouer o thocht, his wide range o veesion, an the wairmth an strenth in presentation wi which in his numerous wirks he haes vindicatit an developed an idealistic filosofie o life", efter he haed been nominatit bi a member o the Swadish Academy.[3]

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