Max Scheler

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Max Scheler
Scheler max.jpg
BornMax Ferdinand Scheler
22 August 1874(1874-08-22)
Munich, German Empire
Dee'd19 Mey 1928(1928-05-19) (aged 53)
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Era20t-century filosofie
RegionWastren Filosofie
Munich phenomenology
Main interests
History o ideas, Vailyie theory, Ethics, Filosofical anthropology, Consciousness studies, Cultural creeticism, Sociology o knawledge, Releegion
Notable ideas
Vailyie rankins, emotional intueetion, value-based ethics, stratification o emotional life, ressentiment

Max Ferdinand Scheler (German: [ˈʃeːlɐ]; 22 August 1874 – 19 Mey 1928) wis a German philosopher kent for his wark in phenomenology, ethics, an filosofical anthropology.