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Aurich (Law Saxon: Auerk) is a toun in Lawer Saxony, Germany. It is the caipital o the destrict o Aurich.


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The history o Aurich dates back tae the 13t century, when the settlement o Aurechove wis mentioned in a Frisian document cawed the Brokmerbrief in 1276. In 1517, Coont Edzard frae the hoose o Cirksena began reconstructin the ceety efter an attack. He established the toun center, which is still in place the day. In 1539, the land authorities wur brocht thegither in Aurich, makin it the caipital o the coonty an, later, East Frisie, remainin the seat o the land authorities when East Frisie wis inheritit bi the Kinrick o Proushya in 1744. It passed tae the Kinrick o Hanover in 1815, an then wis annexed bi Proushya in 1866 an made pairt o the Province o Hanover.

Frae October 21, 1944 till December 23, 1944 a Nazi concentration camp wis established in Aurich. The camp wis a subcamp tae the Neuengamme concentration camp.[1]

Efter Warld War II, Aurich became pairt o the new state o Lawer Saxony.


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Aurich's coat-o-airms is drawn b the blazon: "Airms: Landscape wi chief twa-thirds sky an base third earth, a shield Gules emblazoned wi letter 'A' Or, an open-topped croun Or abuin, twa growin trees Vert at sides. Croun: A battlement Gules wi three merlons an twa embrasures. Supporters: Twa brainches o mistletoe wi leaves an berries Or.".

Note that the coat-o-airms o the destrict o the same name differs.

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  1. The camp is leetit as No. 51 Aurich, Kreis Aurich in the offeecial German leet.


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