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Roman Polanski

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Roman Polanski (born the 18t o August 1933 in Paris) is a French-Pols pictur director an occasional actor.

Roman Polanski wi his wife Emmanuelle Seignier

Bairnheid an early life

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Roman Polanski (born Raymond Roman Liebling) wis the son o a manufacturer-airtist. His faither survived the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp in Austrick, but his mither perisht at Auschwitz. Polanski himsel joukit the Kraków Ghetto in 1943 an survived the war uisin the name Romek Wilk wi the help o some Pols Roman Catholic families.[1] As a Jewish bairn hidin, he behaved ootwarts as a Roman Catholic, altho he wis ne'er bapteesed as sic.[2] Efter the war he wis reunitit wi his faither an flittit back tae Kraków, nou pairt o Poland. Roman Polanski's faither mairit Wanda Zajączkowska, but Roman didna like his stepmither.

Beginins o reconnaissance in the pictur domain

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In 1962, he realised his first lang-time film, Knife in the Watter (Nóz w wodzie), wi Jerzy Skolimowski. This pictur depeects a pouer relationship atween a sauvage sports-jurnalist an an heich-heidit student. The film wis ill-received in Poland, even if it wisna an expleecit denunciation o the sae-cawed socialist ring. This film haes haed an international success an wun a prize in the Mostra o Venice; Knife in the Watter is projectit officially in the New York festival an maks the kiver o the Times Magazine. It haes a nomination for the Oscar for the Best Fremmit film an aw, that gangs tae Federico Fellini for 8 1/2.

21st century

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At the fore-end o the 21st century he wants tae produce an direct a film inspired bi the wark o Charles Dickens: Oliver Twist. But the film fails. In 2006, efter he wun a lawsuit for defamation wi the magazine Vanity Fair, he directs Thierry Frémont in the Théâtre Hébertot for Doute (Doubt) (written bi John Patrick Shanley). The same year, he wants tae produce an antiquity-inspired film cawed Pompeii, fae the novelle o Robert Harris, wi Orlando Bloom an Scarlett Johansson in the heid-roles. No haein the time, he forhous, pairtly acause o the writers' strike that begoud in the simmer o 2007 an endit in 2008.

He turnt an ither adaptation o Robert Harris: The Ghost Writer, wi Ewan McGregor an Pierce Brosnan.


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Syne 1977 Roman Polanski is wantit for a sexual crime on a 13-year-auld lassie. The veectim, Samantha Geimer (née Gailey), wis waled for a pictur that the French magazine Vogue speirt efter. The lassie declared that durin that Roman Polanski gien her champaign an droggit her for tae hae anal sex.

Polanski gaed tae the jyle for 47 day, haes psychiatric tests, then is leeberatit unner polis caition. He pled guilty for sexual intercoorse wi a minor [3] acaus rape, sodomy an giein drogs tae a minor is mair wechty crimes in the Unitit States, like the juidge askit for. Afore the audience that shall fix the punishment, tho free unner caition, Polanski gangs tae Fraunce whaur he is ceetizen syne a year.[4] Fraunce refuises the extradeetion o Roman Polanski. Unner an arreest mandate frae 1978, he ne'er gangs back tae American territories. Some said he shoud be juidged in Fraunce,[5] but procurator o Los Angeles coort declares it is impossible, acause o the preenciple o "guilty juist the ae time". American juistice tempts tae lift him while in ither kintras. In Mey 1985 in the Unitit Kinrick, in December 1986 in Canadae, in 1988 in Germany, in Denmark, an in Swaden, in October 2005 in Thailand, an in 2007 in Israel.

In 1993, Roman Polanski said he'll gie 500 000 dollars tae Samantha Geimer wi a delay o twa year. He canna dae this [6] an he gied an unkent sum tae Geimer that decides tae stap pursuin Roman Polanski.

The 27t September 2009, he gaed tae Swisserland tae receive a prize, an is liftit in Zurich bi Swiss authorities.

A lot o American newspapers appruives this arrest, as dis a lot o American fowk. In Wastren Europe the sentiment is mair sindert: some appruive as some disappruives.

The 25t o November 2009, proposes a polis caition o 4.5 million Swiss francs (something like £4.6109[whit? clarification needit]) an a residence-assignation.

The 22nt o Apryle 2010, an appeal coort o the 2nt district o Californie haes rejectit his speir for bein "juidged bi contumacy", sayin he'll be expellt tae the Unitit States. The speit tae forhou pursuits bi the victim haes be rejectit an aw.

The 2nt o Mey 2010, Polanski sets furth an appen letter on a websteid, "The rules o the game", in whit he says, "A canna haud ma wheesht".[7]


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