Northren Europe

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Northren Europe as defined bi the Unitit Naitions[1] (marked blue):

Northren Europe is the northren pairt or region o Europe. Northren Europe teepically refers tae the seiven kintras in the northren pairt o the European Subcontinent whilk includes Denmark, Estonie, Latvie, Lithuanie, Norawa, Finland an Swaden. Housomeivver, the Unitit Naitions report published in 2011 defines Northren Europe as includin the follaein 10 kintras an dependent regions[1], even though Unitit Kinrick haes been traditionally identifeed as being ane o the core states o Wastren Europe.

A subset o the kintras an territories leetit abuin, aw o wham is memmers o the Nordic Cooncil, is forby kent as the Nordic kintras. Afore the establishment o the Nordic Cooncil in 1952, the term 'Nordic', or 'Northern', wis commonly uised fur tae refer tae the Lutheran Baltic states Estonie an Latvie, as weel as the northren sections o European Roushie an aw.

The Unitit Kinrick an Ireland is whiles includit in Wastren Europe.[2]

Lithuanie, an tae a lesser stent Latvie, is aften includit in Central Europe.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Historically, whan Europe wis dominatit bi the Mediterranean region (i.e. the Roman Empire), aathing nae near this sea wis termed Northren Europe, includin Germany, the Law Kintras, an Austrick. This meanin is still uised the day in some contex, lik in discussions o the Northren Renaissance. In medieval times, the term (Ultima) Thule wis uised fur tae mean a meethical place in the extreme northren reaks o the continent.

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