Mixteca Region

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Mixteca Region
Oaxaca regions - Mixteca in the northwast
Oaxaca regions - Mixteca in the northwast
Coordinates: 17°48′0″N 97°46′0″W / 17.80000°N 97.76667°W / 17.80000; -97.76667

The Mixteca Region is a region in the state o Oaxaca, Mexico, pairt o the broader La Mixteca aurie which covers pairts o the states o Puebla, Guerrero an Oaxaca. The region includes the destricts o Juxtlahuaca, Silacayoapam, Huajuapan, Coixtlahuaca, Teposcolula, Tlaxiaco an Nochixtlán. The lairgest ceeties are Huajuapan an Tlaxiaco.[1] Accordin tae the 1990 census the region haed 556,256 fowk ower the age o five, o whilk 227,680 spoke Mixteco.

Handicrafts[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Mixteca produce diverse handicrafts includin tasses, masks, cotton an oo textiles like touels, blankets, blouses, bags, belts, juips, floorisht sarks, cotton an oo shawls, reed baskets, pleinishin, candles, ceramics o different clays for different purposes, saidlery, rockets, knives, iron, grindin stanes, brooms an fine palm hats. Weemen mak the textiles an piggery in their free time. Men are involvit in birnewin wirk, wricht wirk, cutlery an harnish makkin, wirkin at hame. Childer begin tae learn craft wirk aboot sax year. Acause o its importance in the regional economy, the craftsmanship o palm products desers a special reference. Palms are uised tae mak hats, mats, spleuchan, toys, besoms, handbags an the like.

Social Organisation[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Mixtec faimily is basically nuclear an patrilineal, tho migration haes influencit the faimily structur as men aften spend lang periods awa frae hame. Municipal authorities serve for the ae year. Judicial offices are held bi the trustees an mayors, wha ser as prosecutors an judges. Fermlands are organisit intae ejidos an municipal properties, an smahaulders hae autonomy athin thir properties. The Cooncil o Elders is important in some veelages, tho in ithers it haes practically disappeared.

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Achiutla Pre-Columbie spiritual an cultural centre.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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