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Sierra Mixe

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Sierra Mixe Destrict
Oaxaca regions an destricts: Sierra Norte tae Northeast
Oaxaca regions an destricts: Sierra Norte tae Northeast
Coordinates: 17°10′N 95°47′W / 17.167°N 95.783°W / 17.167; -95.783
Kintra Mexico

The Sierra Mixe or Mixes Destrict is a destrict in the east o the Sierra Norte Region o the Mexican state o Oaxaca. It comprises 17 municipalities an covers 4,930 km2 at an average elevation o 1,200 meters abuin sea level. As o 2005 the destrict haed a total population o 96,920. The main food crops are maize and beans, while permanent crops include coffee, lemon and oranges.[1]

Maist o the inhabitants are o indigenous Mixe ethnicity, an the Mixe leids are spoken throuoot the region. The wastren pairt o the region is heich Sierra, wi climate ranging to temperate tae cauld wi strang winds an saisons o daily an constant rains an storms, this chynges tae the Mixe media territories; o lawer muntain ranges but still a vera abrupt an rough terrain, wi daily rain, rangin frae tropical tae mist forests tae pine-encine, but the mair eastren pairts are the tropical lawlands o the Isthmus o Tehuantepec.

Sierra Mixe and main towns

Municipalities[eedit | eedit soorce]

Mixe Municipalities

The destrict includes the follaein municipalities:[2]

Municipality Area km2 2005
Asunción Cacalotepec 77 753
Mixistlán de la Reforma 191 2,438
San Juan Cotzocón 945 22,478 10,712
San Juan Mazatlán 1,990 16,138 8,543
San Lucas Camotlán 128 2,524 2,168
San Miguel Quetzaltepec 199 6,015 5,428
San Pedro Ocotepec 137 2,171 1,933
San Pedro y San Pablo Ayutla 108 4,319 3,639
Santa María Alotepec 149 2,526 2,262
Santa María Tepantlali
Santa María Tlahuitoltepec
Santiago Atitlán 83 3,187 2,790
Santiago Ixcuintepec 102 1,441 1,124
Santiago Zacatepec 143 4,871 4,378
Santo Domingo Tepuxtepec
Tamazulapam del Espíritu Santo
Totontepec Villa de Morelos 319 4,780

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