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Cañada, Oaxaca

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Oaxaco regions - Cañada tae the north
Oaxaco regions - Cañada tae the north
Coordinates: 18°8′N 97°5′W / 18.133°N 97.083°W / 18.133; -97.083
 • Total4273 km2 (1,650 sq mi)

Cañada is a region in the state o Oaxaca, Mexico coverin 4,300 square km. It includes twa destricts, Teotitlán an Cuicatlán.[1] The main admeenistrative centre is Teotitlan de Flores Magon, but Huautla de Jiménez‎ is conseidered the maist important cultural centre in the region.

The region is namit efter the Cañada de Cuicatlán, a hot law canyon that links the Glen o Oaxaca tae the sooth wi the Glen o Tehuacán in Puebla state tae the north. The Cañada wis the major Precolumbian route atween the twa glens. It wis conquered an controlled bi the early Zapotec state based on Monte Albán at some time aroond 300 BC.[2]

The region is fertile wi a wairm an mild climate, an produces crops o mango, melon an avocado. It consists o flat launds wattered bi the Salado an Tomellín rivers.[3]

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