Santa Lucía del Camino

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Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán
Municipality an toun
Location o the municipality in Oaxaca
Location o the municipality in Oaxaca
Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán is locatit in Mexico
Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán
Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 17°04′0″N 96°42′0″W / 17.06667°N 96.70000°W / 17.06667; -96.70000
Kintra  Mexico
State Oaxaca
 • Total 76.55 km2 (29.56 sq mi)
Population (2005)
 • Tot 65,873
Time zone Central Staundart Time (UTC-6)
 • Simmer (DST) Central Daylicht Time (UTC-5)
Ceety Haw Santa Lucía del Camino

Santa Lucía del Camino is a ceety an its surroondin municipality locatit in the central pairt o the Mexican state o Oaxaca. It lees juist 3 km east o the state caipital ceety o Oaxaca, athin the Oaxaca metropolitan area. It is part of the Centro Destrict in the Valles Centrales region.

The ceety o Santa Lucía del Camino haed a 2005 census population o 42,570 an serves as the municipal seat o the municipality o Santa Lucía del Camino, which haes an aurie o 7.65 km² (2.95 sq mi) an a population of 45,752. The anerlie ither commonty in the sma municipality is the toun o San Francisco Tutla (population 3,182). The ceety is the seivent-lairgest commonty in the state o Oaxaca in population.

As municipal seat, Santa Lucia del Camino haes govrenin jurisdiction ower the veelage o San Francisco Tutla as well as itsel.

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