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Knut Hamsun

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Knut Hamsun
Knut Hamsun in July 1939, at the age of 79.
BornKnud Pedersen
4 August 1859(1859-08-04)
Lom, Gudbrandsdalen, Norawa
Dee'd19 Februar 1952(1952-02-19) (aged 92)
Nørholm, Grimstad, Norawa
ThriftAuthor, poet, dramatist, social creetic
Leeterar muivementNeo-romanticism
Notable awairdsNobel Prize in Leeteratur
  • Bergljot Göpfert (née Bech) (1898-1906)
  • Marie Hamsun (1909-1952)


Knut Hamsun born Knud Pedersen (4 August 185919 Februar 1952) wes a Norse screiver. He wes awardit the Nobel Prize in Leeteratur in 1920 fer Markens Grøde (Grawth o the Sile), an wes ane o Norrowey's greatest screivers an makars.

Houane'er he bydes a controversial cheil in Norrowey fer his actions in Wurld War II, whan he supportit the regime o Vidkun Quisling an his Nasjonal Samling pairty.


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14 year auld Hamsun in Tranøy.

Knut Hamsun wes born as Knud Pedersen in Vågå, Gudbrandsdal, Norawa in 1849, the fowerth son o Peder Pedersen an Tora Olsdatter. He grew up in muckle puirtith in Hamarøy in Nordland. Whan he wes seiventeen he becam a prentice tae a raipmakar, an about the samyn tide he begoud tae screive. He gaed tae Americae fer twa-thrie year, stravaigin an dargin at white'er wes available. He set furth his impressions o Americae unner the title Fra det moderne Amerikas Aandsliv in 1889.

In 1898, Hamsun mairriet on Bergljot Goepfert, but the mairrage wes endit in 1906. Thrie year efter, he mairriet on Marie Andersen (that also screived sum warks o musardrie an bairns' buiks), an she wad be his companion until he dee'd. The twa bocht a ferm, wi the norrie o makkin a livin aff o that, wi writin eikin a tait extra siller.

Houane'er, efter twa-thrie year, the flittit south tae Lavrik. In 1918, the couple bocht Nørholm, an auld an sumwhit ruachled muckle houss, that they restored. Here Hamsun cuid wark unfashed, tho he aften traiveled tae screive in ithir ceities an places.

Knut Hamsun dee'd in his hame at Nørholm in 1952 at the eild o 92.

Hamsun first teuk in wide acclaim wi his 1890 novel Sult (Hunger). This wes a hauf-autobiographical wark that descreived a yung an egocentric screiver's faw intae near wutlessness acause o hunger an puirtith in the Norrowegian caipital o Kristiana (nou cried Oslo). Tae monie, the novel wes a foreshaddae o the warks o Franz Kafka an ithir twantiet century screivers sic as James Joyce wi its internal monologue an orra logic.

A theme that Hamsun aften retoured tae is that the o perpetual daunnerer, a stravaigin orra-bodie (aften the narrator) that shaws up an warks himsel intae the life o smaw, landart communities. The daunnerer is central tae the novels Mysterier (Mysteries), Pan, Under Høststjærnen (Unner the Hairst Star), Den sidste Glæde (The Hinmaist Blytheness) an ithirs forbye.

Hamsuns prose aften contains wul descreivins o the naitural wurld, wi intimate reflections on the Norse shawlands an coastline. Fer this raison he haes been linkit tae the pantheistic muivment. Hamsun thocht o mankind an naitur as bein unitit in a strang, while meistical bond. This norrie raxed out tae its fouest expression in Markens Grøde (Grawth o the Soil) that won him the Nobel Prize in 1920.

His hinmaist novel, Paa gjengrodde Stier (On Owergrawed Pads), set furth in 1949, is pairt memoir, an in sum weys sets out his defence fer his actions durin the occupation o Norawa.

Hamsun insistit that the heidmaist focus o modren leeteratur ocht tae be the intricacies o the human mind - in his wurds tae descrieve "the whusper o the bluid, an the pleadin o the bane marra."

A fifteen volume edeition o his hail warks wes set furth in 1954.

Poleitical sympathies

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Hamsun wes aye a promeinent advocate o Germany an German cultur, as weil as opponin baith British imperialism an the Soviet Union. He supportit Germany in baith the Wurld Wars. Tho he wes gey popular in Norawa an aroun the wurld, Hamsun's reputation dwyned acause o his support fer Vidkun Quisling's Naitional Socialist govrenment, an monie thrawn Norse fowk sent copies o his beuks back tae his hametoun in protest - atweil, the local posties e'en haed tae tak on pairt-time warkers tae deal wi the nummers o beuks comin in. Efter a meetin wi Joseph Goebbels in 1943, he gied Goebbels his Nobel Prize medal as a gift.

While in his eichties, an lairgly deif, Hamsun met wi Adolf Hitler. His meetin wi him wes maistly Hamsun complainin anent the Nazi depredations agin Norse fowk. He ettled tae hae Josef Terboven remuivit frae his position o Reichskommissar o Norrowey. Efter Hitler's daith, Hamsun screived an obituary fer him, cryin him a "warrior fer mankind."

It haes whiles been threipit that Hamsun's sympathies wes thaim o an occupiet kintra. Hamsun whiles uissit his fame tae wark fer better conditions o fowk livin durin the occupation an creiticizit the nummer o executions. Still an aw, at the end o the war angert thrangs burnit his beuks in major Norrowegian ceities. Efter the war, Hamsun wes confinit fer twa-thrie month in a psychiatric hospital. A psychiatrist concludit that he haed "permanently impairit mental ableilities", an on thon basis the chairges o traison agin him wes drappit. Instead, a ceevil liability case wes raisit agin him an in 1948 he wes fined 325,000 kroner fer alleged memmerskip o Nasjonal Samling, tho he wes acquitit o onie direck Nazi-affiliation. Baith his mental state an memmerskip o Nasjonal Samling haes been debatit an disputit e'en the day.

A Dens screiver cried Thorkild Hansen pit out a beuk cried The Hamsun Trial in 1978, that caused a muckle stoushie in Norrowey. This beuk wes uissit as the basis fer the Swadish film Hamsun (1996) by Jan Troell. Hamsun himsel wes played bi the Swadish actor Max von Sydow, that's weil kent fer bein in The Exorcist amang ithir flms.

The Norse Fowk metal baund Lumsk set furth an album cried Det vilde Kor (The Wul Choir) in 2007 that's muisical versions o a gaitherin o Hamsun poems by the samyn name.

Published warks

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  • Den Gaadefulde. En kjærlighedshistorie fra Nordland (Published as Knud Pedersen) (1877)
  • Et Gjensyn (Published as Knud Pedersen Hamsund) (1878)
  • Bjørger (Published as Knud Pedersen Hamsund) (1878)
  • Lars Oftedal. Udkast (11 airticles, awreidy printit in Dagbladet, a Norrowegian newspaper) (1889)|| ||
  • Fra det moderne Amerikas Aandsliv (The Speiritual Life o Modren Americae) (1889)
  • Sult (Hunger) (1890)
  • Mysterier (Mysteries) (1892)
  • Redaktør Lynge (1893)
  • Ny Jord (Shallae Soil) (1893)
  • Pan (1894)
  • Ved Rigets Port (At the Yett o the Kinrik) (1895)
  • Livets Spil (The Gemme o Life) (1896)
  • Siesta (1897)
  • Aftenrøde. Slutningspil (1898)
  • Victoria. En kjærlighedshistorie (1898)
  • Munken Vendt. Brigantines saga I (1902)
  • I Æventyrland. Oplevet og drømt i Kaukasien (In Uncoland) (1903)
  • Dronning Tamara (a play in thrie acks) (1903)
  • Kratskog (1903)
  • Det vilde Kor (The Wul Choir) (1904)
  • Sværmere (Dreamers) (1904)
  • Stridende Liv. Skildringer fra Vesten og Østen (1905)
  • Under Høststjærnen. En Vandrers Fortælling (Unner the Hairst Star) (1906)
  • Benoni (1908)
  • Rosa. Af student Pærelius' Papirer (1908)
  • En Vandrer spiller med Sordin (A Daunnerer Plays on Wheishtit Strings) (1909)
  • Livet i Vold (In the Grup o Life) (1910)
  • Den sidste Glæde (The Hinmaist Blytheness) (1912)
  • Børn av Tiden (Bairns o the Tid) (1913)
  • Segelfoss By I (Segelfoss Toun Vol. I) (1915)
  • Segelfoss By II (Segelfoss Toun Vol. II) (1915)
  • Markens Grøde I (Grawth o the Soil Vol. I) (1917)
  • Markens Grøde II (Grawth o the Soil Vol. II) (1917)
  • Sproget i Fare (1918)
  • Konerne ved Vandposten I (The Wummin at the Pum Vol. I) (1920)
  • Konerne ved Vandposten II (The Wummin at the Pum Vol. II) (1920)
  • Siste Kapitel I (The Hinmaist Chaipter Vol. I) (1923)
  • Siste Kapitel II (The Hinmaist Chaipter Vol. II) (1923)
  • Landstrykere I (Straviagers Vol. I) (1927)
  • Landstrykere II (Straviagers Vol. II) (1927)
  • August I (1930)
  • August II (1930)
  • Men Livet lever I (The Gate Leads On Vol. I) (1933)
  • Men Livet lever II (The Gate Leads On Vol. II) (1933)
  • Ringen sluttet (The Ring is Closit) (1936)
  • Paa gjengrodde Stier (On Owergrawed Pads) (1949)

Fremmit airtins

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