Vidkun Quisling

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Vidkun Quisling
A black and white image of a man in his late middle age. He is sat turned slightly so that he is not directly facing the viewer. Behind him hangs a curtain with a floral pattern. Immediately in front of him we can see the edge of a table, which is covered by a white tablecloth and upon which is placed a small glass.
Meenister Preses o Norawa
In office
1 Februar 1942 – 9 Mey 1945
Servin with Reichskommissar Josef Terboven
Meenister o Defence
In office
Prime MeenisterPeder Kolstad,
Jens Hundseid
Precedit biTorgeir Anderssen-Rysst
Succeedit biJens Isak de Lange Kobro
Personal details
Born18 Julie 1887(1887-07-18)
Fyresdal, Telemark, Norawa
Dee'd24 October 1945(1945-10-24) (aged 58)
Akershus Fortress, Oslo, Norawa
Poleetical pairtyAgrarian Pairty (1931–33)
Nasjonal Samling (1933–45)
Ither poleetical
Faitherland League (1930–31)
Nordisk folkereisning i Norge (1930–31)
Spoose(s)Alexandra Andreevna Voronina
Maria Vasilijevna Quisling (disputit)

Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jonssøn Quisling (18 Julie 1887, Fyresdal24 October 1945) wis a Norse airmy officer an politeecian, who servit as Meenister Preses o occupee'd Norawa. He wirkt wi Fridtjof Nansen durin the faimin in the Soviet Union, an servit as Meenister o Defence in the Bondepartiet govrenment 1931–1933. In 1933 he foondit the naitionalist pairty Nasjonal Samling ("Naitional Gatherin"), an durin Warld War II, frae 1942 to 1945, he servit as Minister-Preses o the collaborationist Norse govrenment, efter being appointit bi the German authorities. Efter the war he wis tried for heich traison an executit bi firin squad at Akershus Fortress. The day in Norawa an ither pairts o the warld, "quisling" is a synonym for "traitor."