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The Centre o Kazanlak
The Centre o Kazanlak
The Toun o the Roses an the Thracian Keengs
Kazanlak is located in Bulgarie
Location o Kazanlak on a map o Bulgarie
Coordinates: 42°37′N 25°24′E / 42.617°N 25.400°E / 42.617; 25.400
ProvinceStara Zagora
 • MayorGalina Stoyanova
407 m (1,335 ft)
 (Feb 2011 [1][2][3])
 • Total47 325
Time zoneUTC/GMT +02:00 hours

Kazanlak, umwhile Kazanlik (Bulgarie: Казанлъ̀к, alternative transliterations include Kazanlǎk, Kazanlâk, Kazanluk) is a Bulgarian toun in Stara Zagora Province, locatit in the middle o the plain o the same name, at the fuit o the Balkan moontain range, at the eastren end o the Rose Valley. It is the admeenistrative centre o the homonymous Kazanlak Municipality.

The toun is amang the 30 biggest industrial centres in Bulgarie, wi a population o 49,506 fowk as o December 2009.[1][2][3]

It is the centre o rose oil extraction in Bulgarie an the oil-producin rose o Kazanlak is ane o the maist widely recognizable naitional seembols.

Internaitional relations[eedit | eedit soorce]

Twin touns — Sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

Kazanlak is twinned wi:

Kintra Ceety Date
Egyp Egyp Alexandria 2006
Egyp Egyp Luxor 2006
Fraunce Fraunce Grasse 2004
Fraunce Fraunce Saint-Herblain 2008
Greece Greece Veria 2001
Roushie Roushie Tolyatti 1994
Japan Japan Fukuyama 1995
North Macedonie Macedonie Kočani 2007
Hungary Hungary Nagykanizsa 1970
Romanie Romanie Târgovişte 2004

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