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Chitalishte Hristo Smirnenski
Chitalishte Hristo Smirnenski
Coat o airms o Zlatitsa
Coat o airms
Zlatitsa is locatit in Bulgaria
Location o Zlatitsa
Coordinates: 42°43′N 24°08′E / 42.717°N 24.133°E / 42.717; 24.133
Kintra Bulgarie
 • Mayor Geogri Gerginekov
Elevation 680 m (2,230 ft)
Population (01/01/2007)
 • Tot 5 286
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Simmer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Postal Code 2080
Aurie code(s) 0728

Zlatitsa (Bulgarie: Златица) is a toun in soothren Bulgarie locatit in the Zlatitsa-Pirdop valley, atween Stara Planina tae the north an Sredna Gora tae the sooth at 680 meters abuin the sea level. It is situatit immediately sooth in the lap o the Zlatitsa -Teteven Muntain. Zlatitsa is situatit 75 km east o Sofia, 27 km sooth o Etropole, 32 km north o Panagiurishte, 2 km wast o Pirdop an 32 km northwast o Koprivshtitsa. The population is 5,286.

The main heich-gate Sofia - Karlovo - Bourgas as well as the main railwey line Sofia - Karlovo - Bourgas pass through it.

Nine kilometres sooth o Zlatitsa is the Auld Kemer – a brig spannin the river Topolnitsa from Roman times. The kirk complex cried Spasovo Kladenche is 500 meters away frae the toun. The pairk monument Kambana can be foond in the nearbi veelage o Petrich.

Till the early 1990s, Zlatitsa thegither wi Pirdop formit a single toun cried Srednogorie.

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