Kandal Province

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Mak Proum Stupa in Udong
Mak Proum Stupa in Udong
Map o Cambodie heichlichtin Kandal
Map o Cambodie heichlichtin Kandal
Coordinates: 11°28′N 104°56′E / 11.467°N 104.933°E / 11.467; 104.933
Kintra  Cambodie
Caipital Ta Khmao
 • Governor Chhun Sirun
 • Total 3,568 km2 (1,378 sq mi)
Aurie rank Ranked 18t
Population (2008)[1]
 • Tot 1,265,085
 • Rank Ranked 3rd
 • Density 350/km2 (920/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+07
Dialing code +855
ISO 3166 code KH-8
Destricts 11

Kandal (Khmer: កណ្ដាល, "Central") is a province (khaet) o Cambodie. Its caipital is Ta Khmao toun (lit. Black grandfather). The province completely surroonds, but daes no include, the naitional caipital Phnom Penh. The Rithy Panh film Rice People wis filmit here.

Destricts[eedit | eedit soorce]

The province is subdividit intae 11 destricts.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. "General Population Census of Cambodia 2008 - Provisional population totals" (PDF). National Institute of Statistics, Ministry of Planning. 3 September 2008. 
Note: Phnom Penh is completely surroondit bi Kandal Province.