Takéo Province

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Ricefields in Takeo.jpg
Map o Cambodie heichlichtin Takéo
Map o Cambodie heichlichtin Takéo
Coordinates: 010°59′N 104°47′E / 10.983°N 104.783°E / 10.983; 104.783
Kintra  Cambodie
Caipital Takéo
 • Total 3,563 km2 (1,376 sq mi)
Population (2008)[1]
 • Tot 843,931
 • Density 231.0/km2 (598/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+07
Dialin code +855
ISO 3166 code KH-21
Destricts 10
Communes 100
Veelages 1117

Takéo (Khmer: ខេត្តតាកែវ, literally "crystal grandfaither") is a province (khaet) o Cambodie. Locatit in the soothwast o Cambodie, Takeo borders the provinces o Kampot tae the wast, Kampong Speu tae the northwast an Kandal tae the north an east. Its soothren bundary is the internaitional mairch wi Vietnam. The provincial caipital, namit Takéo an aw, is a sma ceety wi a population o 39,186.

Takéo is aften referred tae as the "cradle o Khmer ceevilization" due tae the umwhile kinrick o Funan its successor, Watter Chenla, bein centred in the region.

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Admenistration[eedit | eedit soorce]

The province is subdividit intae 10 destricts, 100 communes an 1117 veelages.[2][3]

destrict code Name o Destrict In Khmer
2101 Angkor Borei ​ អង្គរបុរី
2102 Bathi ​ បាទី
2103 Bourei Cholsar ​ បុរីជលសារ
2104 Kiri Vong ​ គីរីវង្ស
2105 Kaoh Andaet កោះអណ្តែត
2106 Prey Kabbas ព្រៃកប្បាស
2107 Samraŏng សំរោង
2108 Doun Kaev ​ ដូនកែវ
2109 Tram Kak ​ ត្រាំកក់
2110 Treang ​ ទ្រាំង
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