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Ilori kirk

Ilori (Abkhaz: Елыр, Elyr Georgie: ილორი) is a veelage in the Ochamchira Destrict o Abkhazie, Georgie, locatit on the coast o the Black Sea. The elevation o the veelage is 10 meters abuin sea level. The location wis first mentioned in the 11t century, AD. Durin the Middle Ages, Ilori became a pairt o the Principality o Odishi. The veelage is hame tae ane o the maist important wastren Georgie airchitectural steids o the Medieval Period, The Kirk o St. George o Ilori which wis constructit in the first quairter o the 11t century, AD.

Ilori is the steid o Elyr-nykha anaw - ane o the seiven shrines o the Abkhaz traditional releegion.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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Coordinates: 42°41′44″N 41°29′58″E / 42.6956°N 41.4994°E / 42.6956; 41.4994