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Hunder Years' War

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Hunder Years' War
Hundred Years' War
Clockwise, frae tap left: John o Bohemie at the Battle o Crécy,
Inglis an Franco-Castilian fleets at the Battle o La Rochelle,
Henry V an the Inglish airmy at the Battle o Agincourt,
Joan o Arc rallies French forces at the Siege o Orléans
Date1337–1453 (116 years)
LocationFraunce, the Law Kintras, Ingland, Spain
Edwardian War (1337–1360)
Inglish victory: Treaty o Brétigny
Caroline War (1369–1389)
French victory: Treaty of Bruges
Lancastrian War, 1st phase (1415–1420)
Inglish victory: Treaty o Troyes
Lancastrian War, 2nt phase (1420–1453)
French victory: Hoose o Valois retains the throne o Fraunce
Ingland acquired the Pale o Calais
Fraunce acquired the Inglis Aquitaine
Kinrick o Fraunce
Croun o Castile
Duchy o Brittany (Blois)
Kinrick o Scotland
Republic o Genoa
Kinrick o Bohemie
Croun o Aragon
Kinrick o Ingland
Duchy o Burgundy
Duchy o Brittany (Montfort)
Kinrick o Portugal
Kinrick o Navarre
Coonty o Flanders
Coonty o Hainaut
Duchy o Aquitaine

The Hunder Years' War wis a series o conflicts waged frae 1337 tae 1453 bi the Hoose o Plantagenet, rulers o the Kinrick o Ingland, against the Hoose o Valois, rulers o the Kinrick o Fraunce, for control o the latter kinrick. Each side drew mony allies into the war. It wis ane o the maist notable conflicts o the Middle Ages, in which five generations o keengs frae twa rival dynasties foucht for the throne o the lairgest kinrick in Wastren Europe. The war merked baith the hicht o chivalry an its subsequent decline, an the development o strang naitional identities in baith kintras.