Battle o Crécy

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Battle o Crécy
Pairt o the Hunder Years' War
Battle of Crécy
Image frae a 15t-century illuminatit manuscript o Jean Froissart's Chronicles
Date26 August 1346
LocationCrécy-en-Ponthieu, Picardy
50°15′25″N 1°54′14″E / 50.257°N 1.904°E / 50.257; 1.904Coordinates: 50°15′25″N 1°54′14″E / 50.257°N 1.904°E / 50.257; 1.904
Result Decisive Inglis victory
Royal Arms of England (1340-1367).svg Kinrick o Ingland Blason pays fr FranceAncien.svg Kinrick o Fraunce
Armoiries Gênes.svg Mercenary Genoese
Armoiries Majorque.svg Kinrick o MajorcaHoly Roman Empire Arms-single head.svg Haly Roman Empire
Commanders an leaders
Royal Arms of England (1340-1367).svg Edward III o Ingland
Arms of the Prince of Wales (Ancient).svg Edward, the Black Prince
Blason pays fr FranceAncien.svg Philip VI o Fraunce (WIA)
Armoiries Jean de Luxembourg superseding.svg John o Bohemie 
9,000-12,000 (Modren estimates) 30,000 (Modren estimates)
80,000 (Wynkeley)
100,000 (Froissart)
Casualties an losses
100–300 c. 2,000 men-at-airms
unkent nummer o common soldiers

The Battle o Crecy, cried Battle o Cressy (26 August 1346) an aw, wis an important Inglis victory during the Edwardian phase o the Hunder Years' War.