Edward, the Black Prince

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Edward of Woodstock
Prince o Wales; Prince o Aquitaine
Edward, Prince o Wales as Knicht o the order o the Garter, 1453, illustration frae the Bruges Garter Book
Born 15 Juin 1330(1330-06-15)
Woodstock Palace, Oxfordshire
Dee'd 8 Juin 1376(1376-06-08) (aged 45)
Pailace o Wastmeenster
Buirial Canterbury Cathedral, Kent
Spouse Joan, 4t Coontess o Kent
Issue Edward o Angoulême
Richard II o Ingland
Hoose Hoose o Plantagenet
Faither Edward III o Ingland
Mither Philippa o Hainault

Edward o Woodstock KG (15 Juin 1330 – 8 Juin 1376), cried the Black Prince, wis the eldest son o Keeng Edward III an Philippa o Hainault, an the faither o Keeng Richard II o Ingland.