Duchy o Burgundy

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Duchy o Burgundy
Duché de Bourgogne  (French)
Ducatus Burgundiae  (Laitin)
Vassal o the Kinrick o Fraunce


Banner Coat o airms
Burgundian an Netherlandish territories ruled bi Duke Charles the Bauld 1467–1477
Caipital Dijon
Leids Laitin
Oïl leids (Auld French), Law Franconian leids (Middle Dutch)
Releegion Roman Catholicism, Judaism
Government Feudal monarchy
Duke o Burgundy
 -  1032–1076 Robert I
 -  1419–1467 Philip the Guid
 -  1467–1477 Charles the Bauld
Legislatur Estates-General creatit during the reign o Philip the Guid
Historical era Middle Ages
 -  Enfeoffed tae Hoose o Burgundy 1032
 -  Hunder Years' War 1337–1453
 -  Order o the Gowden Fleece 1430
 -  Burgundian Wars 1474–1477
 -  Battle o Nancy 1477
Siller goldgulden, stuiver, gros[1]
The day pairt o  Belgium

The Duchy o Burgundy (Laitin: Ducatus Burgundiae, French: Duché de Bourgogne, Dutch: Hertogdom Bourgondië) frae 1032 existit as a successor o an auncient an prestigious patrimony an a large diveesion o the launds o the Kinrick o the Burgundians.

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